Cutlass… a ScFi Short Film by Guillaume Oger.

Cutlass – A SciFi short film from Dropship Studios

WE’RE IN A MOVIE!!!! Well… kind of, sort of… our voices are anyway. My wife and I were asked to provide voices for a short indie film from French filmmaker, Guillaume Oger. Let me give you some background…

Right about five years ago, I featured a post-apocalyptic indiefilm from a French indie film maker here on the blog.  The movie was Humanicide and the film maker was Guillaume Oger, also known as ALGO Studio.  We struck up a conversation and thank goodness his English is better than my French or I would’ve been completely lost.

Flash forward to August of 2019, and I get a message from Guillaume asking if my wife and I would like to provide American voices to his short film project, Cutlass.  The film is Sci-Fi with a hint of dystopia and centers on a man and his car, facing off with futuristic law enforcement.

The man…
The car…

Guillaume sent us the script and we set to recording that very night.  It was our first time doing anything like this and we were both terribly nervous and excited at the same time.

I recently got with Guillaume and asked him a few questions about the film…

Guillaume, how long did it take to film Cutlass? The film was shot overnight in a parking lot in a small industrial area 40 km from Paris. It took a hundred hours for editing and special effects.

How did you come up with the idea for the film? When my friend, actor in the film and owner of the car (oldsmobile CUTLASS SUPREM 70), presented this car to me, I thought to myself that it would be visually interesting to confront an old car with some updates with an ultra futuristic police vessel.  And try to make a modern western movie! 

Is this a “proof of concept” for a larger film? I would like… I wanted to make it short but to do very well! Work the perfect gesture like an uppercut which will give me credibility to ride on a bigger boxing ring.  I like the comparison with sport, because making an independent film is a real struggle.

Will we be seeing more short films like this? Yes we wish. This is why we have created DROPSHIP STUDIO. A series of several short films, tests, and essays in the genre film made by several directors.  We are independent, we like DIY film and we need support and time!

Where can people see your films? On youtube! We have to think about translating a maximum of our projects for my Americans friends. 😉

Being a vfx graphic designer too, you can see my work here. Some projects start here…

One last word – When I was finalizing CUTLASS, I realized that this film smelled of the American cinema that I liked. Everything was American in this film, starting with the car! I absolutely needed American voices and you answered present! You have made radio communications credible by your experience and you have succeeded greatly!  And my film got even bigger thanks to you and your wife! Thank you so much Evan! I hope I paid a beautiful tribute to this beautiful American car. BIG THANKS !

And a big THANKS! to you, Guillaume!!! I think you did a most excellent job paying tribute to this classic car. My wife and I appreciate you allowing us to be a part of this film and we will always look back on it with fond memories. Merci beaucoup, mon ami!

So, with no further ado, let’s get to the movie…

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