I’m offically a Member of the Slightly Irregular Podcast Network!

I recently joined a group of fine podcasters who call themselves the Slightly Irregular Podcast Network (or SIPNetwork for short).  The SIPNetwork is a group of fellas with a passion for what they do… ranging from science fiction, to horror, classic film, the paranormal, the cold war, and everyday shenanigans that happen in our lives.

I’ve always harbored a secret desire to be part of a podcast network, sharing each other’s work and maybe getting some new ears on the shows.  Helping each other out is the name of the game and I’m honored that they accepted me into their network.

You can find all of the members’ podcasts at SIPNET.US.  Keep scrolling for a brief description of these fine folks and click the pics for a link to their page…



First up, we have Phantom Dark Dave.  Dave’s been podcasting for some time now and recently retired his previous podcast, Dave’s Pop Culture Podcast.  He’s now hosting The Podcast From Another World, specializing in classic science fiction and horror films.  Dave’s passion for classic film is palpable and his show is a real pleasure to listen to.  Dave will be releasing his episodes twice a month and can be found on the Terrible Terror podcast.



Next up, we have The Terrible Terror podcast.  Brian loves all types of horror movies.  From ones that are cinematic masterpieces to those that’ll make your blood boil.  Whether the film is unwatchable or dearly loved, Brian will give you his honest opinion about it.  If you’re looking for a B-Movie version of a film review podcast, look no further!



Fave Five From Fans… Jamie Ray is fan of retro television and movies, ROM Spaceknight, and cheese… not necessarily in that order.  Episodes consist of Jamie Ray and guest(s) talking about their favorite five episodes/movies.  Note that these aren’t necessarily a “top five best of ” list, but rather their favorites.  If you want to feel like you’re sitting in the room taking part in the conversation, check out Fave Five From Fans!


Next up, Dead Hand Radio.  Andrew’s podcast explores the Cold War period of history and examines the advancements in weapons, technology, science, art, and culture and discussing how all of it relates to the future of our world.  Andrew enjoys interviewing creators (and curators) in the post-apocalypse and dystopian genres, including writers and film makers.



And next up is Angry Dad Podcast.  What else can I say about Big Ben Bulman other than he’s “One dad getting everything off of his chest and saying whatever he wants to say.”?  Benjamin is a prolific podcaster, often releasing episodes every couple of days, talking about the day-to-day grind of life.



Next up, Paranormal Pativity.  Pat discusses ghosts and anything paranormal and supernatural. From his personal experiences, to movies and tv shows about ghosts and the paranormal.



Next up is the Back in Time Podcast.  Kyle and JD take you on a unique journey into the depths of the films that defined a generation. Join them in their DeLorean as they examine the year each movie came out, original trailer, box office numbers, critic response, production, and provide a play by play of the story. Oh yeah, they are also really funny!



Lastly, I have a podcast… well of course I do, or I wouldn’t be writing this blog post. 😉  I like to chat with creators and fans within the postapoc and dystopian genres and dabble a bit in SciFi.


Podcast Image

Again, I’m super excited to be a part of this enthusiastic group of podcasters.  I hope you enjoy listening to them and please be sure to leave a review and let ’em know what you think.

I want to give a massive shoutout to Andrew of Dead Hand Radio for creating and curating the SIP Network website!

Until next time… take cover, and take care.

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