Episode 004: Arthur Walker

  https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-z7w3i-94487a Episode 004 of From the Wastes...  it was my honor to talk to Arthur H. Walker, creator of the science fiction/dystopian/biopunk series, the Uroboros Saga.  His books quickly became some of my favorites among the indieauthor world. Arthur is also involved in the gamedev arena, poking pixels into proper shapes, and crafting user experiences for games …

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I was interviewed by Quiet Earth!

And I'll tell ya why that's a big deal to me.  Back in the early 00's, Quiet Earth was THE website to find out the latest news concerning post-apocalyptic media.  It's where I went to see what the newest movies were as well as read reviews of PA flicks from the past.  Between it and …

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