The Zero Hours Joins Forces with From The Wastes

I’d like to introduce a fellow wastelander friend of mine, Gabriel Zeros. One of the kindest and well-rounded wanderer’s of the wastes I have come across.

He’s asked me to help him a bit with his blog and FB page when I can. I hope you’ll take a look at both. The man is a veritable plethora of information when it comes to current news and tidbits about the latest in postapoc media…

A long time no see my fellow Wastelanders. This is a small update to let everyone know this blog is undergoing some minor changes. For starters we have a brand new Admin named Evan who will contribute when he can. He has been blogging about post apocalyptic media for a long time now, in fact he has his own blog called From the Wastes which is absolutely awesome. He has agreed to give me some pointers and help out on occasion which is really nice of him.

Also we have been very active on the Zero our facebook page. Some of us have become friends with podcasts like ZEDD Radio and Zombie Radio Network. All of them have been very encouraging and kind to my page and I am very grateful for all of the kind words. In fact The Zero Hour has joined the Zombie Radio Network and is…

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