Mad Max – Master for My Mind

Quite possibly my favorite blog post from post-apocalyptic RPG creator and Cthulhu Mythos writer, David J Rodger​. You can hear the engines… smell the guzzoline…

David J Rodger ¦ Science Fiction & Dark Fantasy

Fury Road Promises to Reignite the Mad Max Franchise

By the looks of it they’re sticking with low-budget format. Essential when you’re tackling the gritty structure of a post-apocalyptic setting head on.  Tom Hardy has to be one of the greatest acting talents to have come out of the UK in recent years, alongside the magnificent Mark Strong (not in this movie).  From the glimpse of Hardy in the trailer his portrayal of Max comes across  as a man who has had his humanity battered out of him – a wild dog chasing ghosts across a desert landscape and just asking for another kicking.

Tom Hardy as Mad Max in Fury Road - post-apocalyptic survivor clothing Mad Max Fury Road – Tom Hardy

I am as excited about this coming out as I was about Star Wars (aged 6) back in 1977.  Why the big deal?  Mad Max is a hallmark of my 1980s. Not necessarily the same 80s you knew.  The…

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