Wastelanders: A Post-Apocalyptic Trading Card Game…


I recently backed a kickstarter for a couple of fellas hailing from Brisbane, Australia.  Seems they’re developing a customizable Trading Card Game called Wastelanders.  I figured, what better way to spend time with the rare dinner guest – when not sniping radrats, scavenging the ruins for vittles, and checking the man-traps for mutated dirtbags who want my stuff!

According to the creators, Jason Keegan and Tyler Woodruff….

“Wastelanders is a Post Apocalyptic Trading Card Game set in a dystopian future after a nuclear war all but destroyed the entire planet. It is all about being the strongest survivor and defeating your opponents in a fast paced and exciting turn based battle system. 

The game is created and designed by Jason Keegan and Tyler Woodruff and the amazing card art has been spectacularly brought to life by our artist Rivaro.

Collect all the cards, build the ultimate pack, gather your companions and see who has the strongest Wastelanders!”

The game will initially be comprised of Character, Item, Battlefield Effect and Base cards.


Character cards currently include Mech, Creature, Wastelander, and Survivor.

Item cards will be class specific and split into both attack and defence. Items will have to suit the character you are trying to attach it to.

Battlefield Effect cards are a luck of the draw, brutal reality of the wasteland. Battlefield Effect cards generally have detrimental effects on the players on the field ranging from 1-5 turns. Individual cards will determine the effect and duration.

Base cards are what your characters are defending; they will provide bonuses to their corresponding class cards and will be assigned Defence Points.

If you’d like to take a looksee at the rulebook, you can find the Kickstarter Draft Rulebook here.  If you’d like to back the kickstarter, you can go here and do that.

Wastelanders has been featured in well-known postapoc media circles, such as Post-Apokalipsa Polska, Nerd Unfiltered, and Pizza, Games, and Zombies.

Jason and Tyler go on to say that… “We believe that this game is one of a kind in the genre. Our unique rules and gameplay create a fun and immersive experience. Our willingness to encompass all facets of the genre has allowed us not to be limited in the scope of our work, this enables us to bring the players a far broader idea base on which to build on. Our artist is 100% on board with the project and has been working tirelessly to bring our ideas to life. We have put in the effort to bring a high level of quality to the project that is already partially established. We want to show you that we are passionate about this game and we will put in the effort to make it right.

So, if you are like me and can’t think of anything else you’d rather do when not fixing the nick in the edge of your leaf spring short sword (the skulls of those irradiated ghouls are freaking HARD!) or pounding the dents out of your roadsign shoulder pauldron, check out Wastelanders and donate!

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