Welcome to the Sixth Age of Extinction

David J Rodger ¦ Science Fiction & Dark Fantasy

Are you sitting comfortably?

Notice something about human history?  We’ve got a habit of exploring our boundaries and we like to tell stories – be it in written word or moving pictures or games.

Featured Hero Image: Apocalyptic City by Vapid Sea

Right now things feel pretty saturated with such experiences past, present and near future. From reality TV shows to YouTube to a billion bloggers typing out their thoughts every day. Content galore.  And a sense that there’s not much left to explore: discounting the unplumbed depths of our vast oceans and the somewhat large expanse of our Galaxy and the rest of the Universe.
But I’m focusing on us and this little blue ball we currently live on.

We’re reaching critical mass. Collapse marker. Reset point.

You’re probably aware of that deep gnawing feeling that something big and bad is heading our way.  That’s because Time is just…

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