Contemporary Fact and Science Fiction – Read This and Bleep

A reblog from David Rodger. Creator of the post apocalyptic RPG, Yellow Dawn and author of a series of books taking place in that world.

David J Rodger ¦ Science Fiction & Dark Fantasy

In the Face of Cyberpunk Technology and Post-Apocalyptic Doom, David J Rodger reviews the demons, monsters and horror action in his best Sci Fi Books

I recently read a Guardian article about Dylan Evans who some years ago quit his job to set up a post-apocalyptic commune. He went from working at one of the best robotics labs in the world to eking out an existence in the Scottish Highlands with a small group of followers. It didn’t end well. And possibly, it didn’t start well.  The end result. Malnutrition. Mental health issues. Degrading social bonds.

An interesting piece and worth a read. I’d be keen to hear your thoughts about what could have been done better.  Especially from the point-of-view of post-apocalypse novels, where weauthors have created functioning survivor settlements and Living Cities. Maladjusted, dangerous, but thriving.  Is this just pure imagination… day-dreaming in the realm of science…

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