My Favorite Post-Apocalypse Movies of the 1970’s…

And now we've come to the 70's.  There is just something cool about the movies made during that time and the post-apocalypse genre was really coming into it's own.  We were now moving a bit away from the standard Atom Bomb and the Mutated Monster and beginning to portray a society that had devolved into …

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Insight into a Science Fiction Fan: Combat Vet and Post Apocalypse Guru Evan C Tells All

David J. Rodger, the creator of the RPG Yellow Dawn – The Age of Hastur and author of a series of postapoc books taking place in that universe, interviewed me….

David J Rodger ¦ Science Fiction & Dark Fantasy

It’s Not Writers Who Are Interesting: It’s the Fans Who Read Their Work

Evan C science fiction post apocalypse book fan man behind Sanctuary on Facebook and advocate of French Fransisca axe as survival weapon Evan C

Science Fiction Fans kick ass. Period. Look at the passion they hold for the work they follow. It is awesome. My particular flavour of science fiction is classed as Cyberpunk and has a sharp edge of Dark Fantasy: supernatural, occult, or H.P.Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos. I’m also known for my post apocalypse books, set in the world of YELLOW DAWN.

I spend a lot of time on the Internet promoting my work. Outreach campaigns, social network management, engagement strategies, and having fun, digging into things I didn’t know about until some interesting soul throws a URL my way.

Sometimes you just get the measure of somebody online. A consistent vibe that “this is a good person”.

Meet Evan C.

He’s a reader. He’s a consumer of fiction. So writers, take note.

I approached him…

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Contemporary Fact and Science Fiction – Read This and Bleep

A reblog from David Rodger. Creator of the post apocalyptic RPG, Yellow Dawn and author of a series of books taking place in that world.

David J Rodger ¦ Science Fiction & Dark Fantasy

In the Face of Cyberpunk Technology and Post-Apocalyptic Doom, David J Rodger reviews the demons, monsters and horror action in his best Sci Fi Books

I recently read a Guardian article about Dylan Evans who some years ago quit his job to set up a post-apocalyptic commune. He went from working at one of the best robotics labs in the world to eking out an existence in the Scottish Highlands with a small group of followers. It didn’t end well. And possibly, it didn’t start well.  The end result. Malnutrition. Mental health issues. Degrading social bonds.

An interesting piece and worth a read. I’d be keen to hear your thoughts about what could have been done better.  Especially from the point-of-view of post-apocalypse novels, where weauthors have created functioning survivor settlements and Living Cities. Maladjusted, dangerous, but thriving.  Is this just pure imagination… day-dreaming in the realm of science…

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