Maturing is often a painful process…

We’ve all probably seen it.  The youtube video of MMA fighter’s Alexander Vladimirovich Emelianenko and James Thompson.  The video went viral.  Two men, one a muscle-bound hulk staring so hard his head was shaking and the other, a slightly overweight, unassuming Russian who looked like he could have cared less.

The fight was over in 11 seconds.  Reason of it going viral was that it went completely the opposite direction that was expected…

Now, here’s what most people didn’t see.  Some time later, James Thompson talked about this fight and gave some explanation as to what happened.  This is a fantastic display of maturity.

I’m not a big fan of MMA fighting (it simply doesn’t hold an interest for me, but I do have a measured respect for those that can do it), but what does fascinate me is the human condition of watching someone mature as a human being.  It is a beautiful thing…


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