Omega Doom…. post-apoc, robots, and Rutger Hauer.


Back in the late 90’s, I discovered yet another Kurasawa’s Yojimbo remake entitled Omega Doom.  Rutger Hauer, robots, post-apocalypse….. what could be better?  Full of terrible special effects and mediocre acting, this movie holds a dear place in my heart.  Another one of those “I love it, just can’t tell you why” movies.


Omega Doom is the story of an android, aptly named Omega Doom 5.5.  During the “last war”, he was was shot in the “program”, resulting in a glitch.  As he stands there in a final “king-of-the-hill” death match with a human soldier, he stops fighting and they both turn to gaze at the sunset – and the resulting mushroom clouds blossoming in the distance.  He gets reprogrammed by a collective of scientists, a “last bastion of humanity”, to pave the way for their re-emergence into this blasted landscape.




Doom enters what appears to be a post-apoc theme park and comes into contact with a member of one of two robot factions – the Droids – playing kickball with a robot head.  You can tell right off the bat, that this droid is some bad metal.  But don’t worry, he gets his in the end – “This is going to hurt”…


The other faction, the ROM’s, are battle hardened robots designed for one thing – destroying all humanity.  They also wouldn’t mind getting rid of the Droids.  Oh, and by the way, they’re female in form.  Naturally…


The ROM’s are actively searching for a rumored cache of weapons to use against any and all humans that may have survived the apocalypse.  The Droids are looking for the same thing.  Doom ends up playing both sides as is done in Yojimbo, eventually blazing a path through the ROM’s and taking care of a couple of Droids that well deserve it in the process.  One particular Droid, a barkeep (that only serves water – to robots) gets taken a shine to by Doom.  It’s sweet.

After the fighting is over, Doom “walks off into the sunset”.  One is led to believe that the path will be difficult, but humanity will once again take it’s place in this wasted land…


3 thoughts on “Omega Doom…. post-apoc, robots, and Rutger Hauer.

  1. This film sounds awesome! I feel sorry for Rutger Hauer (actually I don’t, he’s led one hell of a life but) because chronologically each film he made has been worse than the one before. He has made some absolute stinkers, yet we still love him.

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    1. no11811

      Rutger’s one of those guys that the movie can stink, but I’ll still like it because of him. I would definitely give this one a watch. Certainly not one of his worst! 😉

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