Just who the hell wrote The Dead Tide, anyway?


A couple of years ago, I came across a series of books called The Dead Tide. A zombie apocalypse story that was penned by A.D. Bloom. I had just finished reading STITCH: The Bone Blade Girl and absolutely loved it. I immediately downloaded the first three of the Dead Tide books, but didn’t have a chance to get to them for a little while. At some point, I had noticed that the author name had changed from A.D. Bloom to Shane Pope. Also, I couldn’t find them on A.D. Bloom’s Amazon page. I was confused. I started reading the first one and got about a chapter into it before I had to set it down. Now I was really confused. This stuff was hardcore, man…. seriously hardcore. There was no way that this could have been written by the same guy that wrote STITCH. Something hinky was going on and I had to find out just who the hell wrote this.

So I got in touch with A.D. Bloom and asked…

EC: I know you’d like to plug The War of Alien Aggression
AB: Coming 12/02/14.
EC: …but I’ve just got to ask. WTF was that Dead Tide stuff anyway… you pleading insanity on that? Take this passage for example…. “They knew from the start there would be no evacuation to the Americas or anywhere else. They embraced death, delivering it to as many motherfuckers as they could. They knew that at the end of their murder spree, when there was nowhere left to run, they would die like all the people they’d killed. When there was only a mile left for Europe’s living, the deathmatch began. Those last minutes in Normandy were glorious, but the continent’s greatest living killers ran out of time to slaughter each other. At the end, as the Dead surrounded them, the last of the living gave the charging horde the finger and jumped off the cliffs and into the English Channel. Omar wanted to be just like them when the Dead Tide arrived from Asia.

AB: Ah…. The Dead Tide… Yup. That’s mine. The Dead Tide was my experiment in transgressive fiction. The zombie genre seemed like a fine place for it.

Me? Personally? I like to think I’m one of the guys who’d probably get killed helping some idiot out after The End began, but in The Dead Tide, the characters do the opposite of that. (I’d just got done reading Blood Meridian, too. I think it may have encouraged me.)

The Dead Tide got shifted over to a pen name. Shane Pope writes some pretty scary transgressive sci-fi with lots and lots of very dark erotica. I haven’t written a Shane Pope story in a while. I do remember it being fun, though.

I shifted the whole Dead Tide series to Shane Pope mostly because I knew I was going to be writing some (hopefully) broadly popular ‘alien war in space’ stories and I was worried that someone might come for the war in space and end up shocked as hell by the Dead Tide.

No matter how I feel about it as an artist, in this marketplace, an author name is a brand name. (Source: years of work and study in both art and business) If the same brand name put out The War of Alien Aggression and The Dead Tide, then that might (rightly) confuse folks. I don’t want to confuse anyone. I just want to be read. (Worst-case scenario: some kid enjoys some military scifi I wrote and then, downloads Dead Tide. I don’t want some kid reading that. It’s seriously adult material that will mess a kid up.)

So that’s what’s up with The Dead Tide. It’s a good story. But it’s a Shane Pope, not an A.D. Bloom.  Read The War of Alien Aggression. It’s better….thewarofalienaggression.wordpress.com.

EC: If Dead Tide was an experiment in transgression, then what’s The War of Alien Aggression?
AB: The War of Alien Aggression is simply this author delivering the highest caliber military scifi he can to readers. No artsy transgressive literary experiments going on. Don’t get me wrong, I love art. And I know you’ve got the best chances of making some when you’re expressly not trying to. I’m just going to say it one more time: The War of Alien Aggression.



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