A.D. Bloom – A Retrospective of Sorts….

I discovered A.D. Bloom in 2012 when I read his STITCH trilogy.  It was one of the first ebooks I had downloaded (onto a now-ancient Sony PRS-350, which has since become a dedicated A.D. Bloom reader).

When I read this story, I was stunned.  Not since Brian Aldiss or perhaps T.J. Bass have I read such an absolutely wonderful suspension of reality.  A.D. Bloom is able to take the reader into a world of such utter and complete strangeness, yet deliver it in such a way that it feels completely normal.  He has a cadence and a way of speaking that attracts the reader and urges one to continue turning the page.  I highly prize the strange and obscure and I can tell you that A.D. Bloom delivers tenfold.

I thought I’d post a retrospective of sorts in order that readers may familiarize themselves with A.D. Bloom’s works.

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All images are created by and property of A.D. Bloom.

The Bone Blade Girl is set five hundred years after the end of the world, in a dark age where noble families are kept in power by Stitchlife gene-witches who rewrite them to post-human perfection. Molly is a young peasant girl from a walled town in the wilds who is rewritten for fantastic speed by a renegade Stitchlife and becomes the people’s champion in the struggle for power.”  – A.D. Bloom

The main character, Molly, is one of the greatest – and most tragic – characters I have come across in a long, long time.  The trilogy includes The Bone Blade Girl, The Fall of the Haunted City, and The Stitchlife Rebellion

Stitch: The Blone Blade Girl
STITCH: The Fall of the Haunted City
STITCH: The Stitchlife Rebellion

The STITCH series was actually preceded by the short story, Snicker-Snack (Kill the Kaiju Queen), which revolved around Teddy Da, a stitchlife construct created by the infamous stitchwitch Kitty Hawk.  I hadn’t read it until after I completed STITCH, but it answered quite a few questions in regard to various characters in the STITCH series…

Snicker-Snack (Kill the Kaiju Queen)

Later, A.D. Bloom wrote Lost Dogs and Monsters (The Kaiju Queen).  This book gave us a glimpse into the beginnings of the Stitch universe before humanity was brought to the brink by Kitty Hawk and her monstrous Kaiju constructs.  This books is also the last of those found in the STITCH series…

Lost Dogs and Monsters (The Kaiju Queen)

A short story that takes place within the Lost Dogs and Monsters timeline was released.  Entitled Patches: All Good Dogs Go to Heaven.

Patches is a bipedal canine freak-pet, and Kitty Hawk didn’t make him to be an acrobat or a veil-dancer or give him an opera singer’s voice, but she gave him thumbs, a better than average brain, and a respectable aptitude for basic accounting. She also gave him a gun.  Up ’til today, Patches handled the Circus’ accounts and told the story of where the money went, but when both human and gene-job blood is shed, the story of murder he’s forced to piece together is a far more chilling story…” – A.D. Bloom


A.D. Bloom has given me permission to distribute copies of his book, STITCH: The Violet Edition freely to those who would like to read it.  This edition contains some extras such as all of the covers for the three individual books, the short story, Snicker-Snack, and a special Author’s Note.
I am honored that he has allowed me to do this and thank him very much for providing stories that I will continue to read for as long as he writes them.  Please contact me if you would like to read this book.
STITCHViolet Edition

A.D. Bloom is also the author of a number of short stories, which include Only Suckers Call It Luck10-Foot-Tall Marine, Tokyo Newsreel, The Burning Circus, Flashbulb Alley, and Hunting Mr. Old Sack Bones.  These shorts can be found in an omnibus entitled Under a Vulgar Sun

Under A Vulgar Sun – 6 dark sci-fi and fantasy stories featuring hyper-sexed inter-dimensionals, giant monsters, shades, shadows, and killer robot marines.  Distilled, high bitrate storytelling.” – A.D. Bloom

Some of his short stories,  10-Foot-Tall Marine, Morituri,  Tokyo Newsreel, Flashbulb Alley, and Hunting Mr. Old Sack Bones were published independently as well.  They are no longer in print…

Tokyo Newsreel
Flashbulb Alley

The Dead Tide, an experiment in transgressive fiction.  This one, exploring the zombie apocalypse theme, is now out of print.


A.D. Bloom’s first published book was Bring Me the Head of the Buddha.  It is no longer in print.

Bring Me the Head of the Buddha - A.D. Bloom

The War of Alien Aggression

After waiting for almost a year, he has brought a new series to his readers.  This time it is a military science fiction tale entitled The War of Alien Aggression.  There are five main books in the series, Hardway, Kamikaze, Lancer, Taipan, and Cozen’s War.

The War of Alien Aggression Omnibus is available now.
A.D. Bloom released the audiobook version of The War of Alien Aggression on October 14, 2016.  Narrated by David Rheinstrom, David provides the voice of at least 68 different and distinct characters.  I haven’t listened to such an amazing undertaking since the audio versions of Dune…


His short stories Combat Salvage 2165 and Dreadnought 2165 are available as well and are part of The War of Alien Aggression timeline, taking place between Taipan and Cozen’s War.


The Liberty Fleet Trilogy (comprised of 2166 – Force Liberty, 2166 – Battle of Shedir, and 2166 – Devlin’s War) was released in June of 2015.

After victory in the 2164-2165 War, Humanity expands into the territory of an Imperium that has sworn to destroy them. The first shots of the new war echo through the surrounding systems as Humanity’s neighboring species must choose sides and fight with or against the local cluster’s newest upstart rebels.



The Otherworld Rebellion is another chapter in The War of Alien Aggression universe.  Released in December of 2015.

The year is now 2187 – Lt. Martin Samhain, son of the last man to ever attempt rebellion on Earth, is drafted by Staas Company Intelligence and sent to Otherworld to find fugitive war hero turned rebel, Ram Devlin.  Samhain’s mission is to stop him before Earth’s largest off-world settlement, penal colony, and source of military contractors erupts in civil war.


The latest offering in The War of Alien AggressionPirates of Alcyone.  This is technically book 8.5 in the WAA timeline.

2180. Devlin’s Privateers strike at Earth’s enemies from their hidden redoubt, but Commodore Ram Devlin himself is now a fugitive hunted by both Staas Company and the Navy. He wants Letters of Marque and the bounty lifted off his head. He’s convinced the only way to achieve those goals is to face down the Voracious, a syndicate-sponsored heavy cruiser that has plagued the system for months. The ‘scourge of Alcyone’ steams under a black flag and carries more guns than the Devlins’ whole privateer squadron put together, but unless the system’s most dangerous pirate vessel is eliminated, none of them will ever be safe. Staas Company and the UNS can’t catch them. Only Devlin’s Privateers are properly positioned to engage Voracious and her gunboat escorts. A young Hank Devlin, the cloned second incarnation of Admiral Harry Cozen, takes command of Absalom and enters the battle with over a lifetime of experience.


A.D. Bloom types loudly on a 1998 IBM M13 mechanical keyboard (13H6705), prefers writing on vertical monitors, and claims he’ll make portable aerial radar from a $12 usb radio dongle when he’s done with his current project.

You can find A.D. Bloom roaming the aether at….

The War of Alien Aggression





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